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Read here about my creative work—volumes of poetry, novels, short stories, promotional events, and more.

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   I love a quiet life with friends, dark ale, artisan bread, staying in reasonable health… and quite a few other things.

I have worked variously in adult life, including a longish spell as a proofreader, and admin work for a charity.

When I was younger and fitter than I am now, I accepted more physically demanding roles—factory work, leafletting, whatever I could get.

Nowadays I am engaged in a literary career, with a number of creative works to my name.

I live in England, where the Greater London sprawl overlaps into Surrey.

A Little About my Books


The Book of Good Love: dreams of love in a world of foolishness.

Love and regret and pleasant daydreams and loneliness and passion. In short, a meditation on the nature of love....

A sequence of melancholy epigrams. The mood here is very noirish....

A concluding tribute to Juvenal, Hogarth and Swift. You'll need a stiff drink after reading this one....


Available for purchase from Amazon

Poet, Monk, and Lover: poems of love and solitude.

A Buddhist monk has gone as far as he can go in the monkish life. A dark-haired maiden contemplates her ageing salad. A loving couple contemplate their potplant, a monstera deliciosa. It gives them ideas. An older man contemplates an oak tree. A young blonde woman pushing a pram gives a man she likes a wave and a big smile. And more….

The poems in this volume present a beautiful and unusual take on the classic themes of human life: the search for love, the joys of the bed, the beauty of solitude.

Available for purchase from Amazon

A Poet’s Meditations.

Robert Campion worked on his historical novel The Flower of Asia Minor over a period of many years. More years than he would care to think about. From time to time, random insights, clothed in poetic language and imagery, would drift into his mind, unbidden, during quiet moments. He wrote them down just as they came to him, in a journal he kept, without having any real plans for them.

The result is this remarkable volume of meditations, a modern poet’s take on a classic literary form. Prose poetry at its finest.

Available for purchase from Amazon

The Flower of Asia Minor: a story of the ancient world.

(Not yet published) The Flower of Asia Minor is an epic love story, which plays out against a backdrop of war and the fall of a kingdom.

The reader will encounter an over-confident king, wise philosophers, passionate lovers, nervous townsfolk, wives and concubines, pagan Gods and Goddesses … and much more.

This is a story rich in humanity and humour, tragedy and sadness. This is a book that many will enjoy reading.

Mahjong Girls, and other tales.

(Not yet published) 37 stories, tales and sketches are set in an unnamed town on the English south coast. The stories combine wry observation of human life, with elements of magic realism. In this volume, Robert Campion reveals his mastery of the shorter forms of storytelling.


Poetry and Song Soothe the Troubled Heart: the music and poetry of  Trevor Wicks.

(Published as James Wicks, editor)

Trevor Wicks died suddenly (of a brain tumour) one summer night. His older brother, who lived nearby, had the responsibility to sort things. Among his brother’s effects were scraps and sheets of paper, notebooks and music books, some dating back to c. 1984.

Written on these were poems, song lyrics and musical compositions.

His brother James Wicks has decided to publish his brother’s music, poetry and song lyrics, as a way of honouring his brother’s memory, and to preserve a record of his work.

Available for purchase from Amazon   


If you live outside the UK, please look for my works on your local Amazon.


My Reviews of Other People's Books

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